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CCPC Education Grant Program

We're thrilled to introduce the CCPC Education Grant Program, a pivotal initiative to propel the growth of pickleball in our beloved city of Battle Creek. At the heart of our club's mission is the desire to foster the sport's expansion, and this grant program is our latest stride toward achieving that goal.

Through generous contributions and equipment donations (like at this year's CCPC Christmas party), we've amassed resources to distribute among interested parties across the city. This includes nonprofit organizations, schools, youth groups, and more. Whether it's financial support or equipment provisions, we aim to empower individuals and organizations to embrace pickleball and its benefits.

As valued members of CCPC, we urge you to help us increase the reach of this program. Share this message with anyone in your network who might be keen to participate or reach out directly to potential candidates with our information. The inaugural submission deadline is April 30, 2024, with awards slated for announcement by May 15, 2024. Moving forward, this opportunity will be available quarterly.

Do you have children or grandchildren enrolled in local schools? Reach out to their PE teachers! Know individuals involved in youth activities or events? Forward this information to them and encourage their involvement.

Pickleball is more than just a sport; it's a unifying force transcending age, background, and skill level. Together, let's share the joy of pickleball with our community and ignite a passion for this remarkable sport.

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