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We hope to provide some resources to help you grow your pickleball game. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, you'll find information to help you improve.

Our instructors will receive feedback from you on your current level, experience and tailor an instructional pickleball game plan to increase your knowledge and improve your game instantly. You can sign up for 1 or a series of Private, Semi Private and Group lessons.

*Dates and times determined by Instructors Availability.

Currently held at KCC.


In-Person Lessons


  • Private – 1 Person $60.00 Per Person 1.5 hours

  • Semi Private – 3 People $30.00 Per Person 1.0 Hours

  • Semi Private – 4 People $25.00 Per Person 1.0 Hours

Instructor:  Han Phommavongsa. Available now
Instructor: Jonra Jacoby *Available beginning in July 2023.

Group Lessons

Beginner to Intermediate Group Instruction 5 or more enrolled for 3 week sessions.

Book all lessons at dspeck1259@comcast.net or Call or Text Donnie Speck – CCPC President at 269-209-8733.

Online Resources

We Are Pickleball

We Make Pickleball EASY

CJ and Tony are WeArePickleball.com. They provide an online training platform that helps pickleball players over 50 who are frustrated and confused gain confidence and proficiency by teaching a deeper understanding of the mechanics, strategies, and athleticism they need to reach their pickleball potential.

They offer a lot of content and have a free Beginners Guide to Pickleball. All you have to do is signup, and they will send you the free guide. Get Your FREE Beginners Guide and 21-Video Course

They also have a wealth of free information on their website. Just click the link below and start learning.

Videos for all levels 

Know how to decide: DROP, DRIVE or SURVIVE with Guest Coaching Professional Tyson.  In this pickleball video we asked Professional Pickleball Coach Tyson to share with us his insights into the different shot options as well as what he looks for when making the decision. The objective of each shot is to give us the greatest possible chance for success based on the pickleball strategy we select.

7 Mistakes Beginning Pickleball Players Make!
Being new to a sport is tough. If you're a beginning pickleball player you're going to make some mistakes. Here are 7 mistakes beginning pickleball players make that are easy to fix! 

9 UNBELIEVABLE Tips That I Wish I Had Known When I Started | Briones Pickleball

This is an excellent video that I think applies to all levels of players. Are you popping up your pickleball dinks? It is likely because of your paddle swing. Specifically, too much backswing in your pickleball shots. The same happens with your pickleball volleys. You are missing them long or into the net - sometimes missing them outright. Too much swing in your shots.

Chances are you that you are not playing your best pickleball right now. If so, it a likely culprit is lack of intentionality. Another video to help you improve.

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